Pay-What-You-Want Piano Sheet Music to help you while away the time in quarantine

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Dunno ’bout you, but I’m finally going stir-crazy around here. Yesterday, though, I took the time to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time: put some sheet music on my Gumroad store.

The first is an easy piano solo inspired by a former student’s kitten, called Jade’s Garden. What’s new? I added a version primarily made with 8th notes. You get both versions when you download it.

Cover for JADE'S GARDEN, profile of a seal-point cat in a lush yard with yellow flowersJade’s Garden: Pay-what-you-want at Gumroad

Second: I compiled all those simplified hymns I adapted into one printable PDF book called Sacred Hymns for Five-Finger Piano: an Easy Piano Collection for All Ages:

Cover for SACRED HYMNS FOR FIVE-FINGER PIANO, a lamb in a green fieldSacred Hymns for Five-Finger Piano: Pay-What-You-Want at Gumroad

Finally, just wanted to remind you I wrote an intermediate piano solo in the ambient spirit of Brian Eno and Harold Budd. This one’s $2.99.

A stony mountain seen through a warm glowing haze. Text reads: Mountain Bells, Intermediate Piano Solo, by Danielle Williams Mountain Bells: Buy at Gumroad

Hopefully I’ll get off my keister and post some more drawings–I scanned plenty earlier this year, just haven’t gotten around to watermarking them yet.

New Original Ambient Piano Solo: MOUNTAIN BELLS

Music, Music Composition

A stony mountain seen through a warm glowing haze. Text reads: Mountain Bells, Intermediate Piano Solo, by Danielle WilliamsSheet music preview - the first line of MOUNTAIN BELLS

I’ve composed a new piano piece! It’s called Mountain Bells. Written in the spirit of Brian Eno and Harold Budd, it’s a  minimalist piece that shimmers and breathes.

You can buy it here at my Gumroad store.

Performance tips: The pauses make this one, so don’t rush. I play it slow–like, with my heart’s metronome set at 60.


Free LDS Easy Piano Five-Finger Hymn Arrangements

Music, Music Composition

My sheet music page has new piano music added! Mormon piano teachers and beginning players, you’re gonna love this.

A grown student of mine, Sue, wanted dearly to play some of our church hymns, but we both found the Hymns Made Easy book to be above her level.

In response, I simplified them even further, transforming the melodies into 5-finger arrangements. This means there are zero to no hand position changes and almost no chords!

Though they’re nothing fancy, Sue really enjoyed being able to play the worship songs she loved!

These public-domain hymn arrangements are presented as-is; feel free to write in any fingering or letter name helps! These are FOR YOU!