Sketchdump from my 2019 background practice book


A collection of drawings, including cupcake houses and Pixel J Cat ridin' in a car.Back in 2019, I designated a very inexpensive sketchbook from Target to be my “background practice” sketchbook. I draw stuff from life (furniture! My cat’s activity center!) and practice drawing cupcake houses for Moxie Kitten. That scrawl at the bottom reads: “The fast and the furriest!” Some of my later furniture studies in ink and marker have been fun, I’ll post those after I get through this backlog. I feel like this is a great way to boost my skills in a low-pressure setting.

Player Hillie – a bizarre Silent Hill-inspired monster



A strange monster with a scissor-faced mask gestures with long fingers

Another one of my Hillie monsters, inspired by the original SILENT HILL series (1-3). I used to want to digitally paint this, but now I think its hanging around is a mental block to me uploading my backlog, so up it goes!

(If you really¬†really want to see this digitally painted, please drop me a comment, maybe that’ll motivate me!)

Church Art – Forgiveness Woman (and caricatured man)


Forgiveness woman and a caricatured man below“I realized…I don’t do forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift. We have the capacity to like everybody if we understand where they are coming from. Forgiveness is freeing. We learn until the day we die.”

“Do the homework then the prayer kicks in.”

(Quotes from a local meeting of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I attended)