Moxie Kitten + Assortment


So one of the Ultimate Drawing Warm Ups is to draw snakes in baskets? So there’s one of those here, along with a cat carrier, and Moxie zooming around (and hiding!) in her box. But I know there are folks out there like my mom who are scared of even pictures of snakes, so you’ll have to click through on this blog to see the pic.

(Simple, small drawing of snake behind cut.)

Moody Moxies in NonPhotoBlue


Moxie fullbody expressions in nonphotoblueExuberant Moxies in nonphotoblue

Slurpin’ ramen, stressed to THE MAXXX, and happy.

I’m sorry the scans are ugly, but I did them in non-photo blue (never thinking I’d scan them, they were just stress art). When NPB scans, it’s barely visible (which is great for cleanup, I do it all the time)…so I had to jack up the scans to make ’em visible. But they’re still cute! :3

Sneaky Cat Ninja Pixel!


Our pet cat, Pixel, dressed as a ninja…lurkin’….and smackin’ down spiders. (In reality, Pixel J. Cat prefers to dismember grasshoppers that errantly hop into our house and leave them for Mommy to discover later on.)

Also there is a cameo by Moxie Kitten and a random squargling.

Orange cat dressed as a ninja lurking about Our cat Pixel, as a ninja, lurking. (Plus, bonus Moxie Kitten!)

Orange cat dressed as a ninja smacking a bug