Pay-What-You-Want Piano Sheet Music to help you while away the time in quarantine

Music Composition

Dunno ’bout you, but I’m finally going stir-crazy around here. Yesterday, though, I took the time to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time: put some sheet music on my Gumroad store.

The first is an easy piano solo inspired by a former student’s kitten, called Jade’s Garden. What’s new? I added a version primarily made with 8th notes. You get both versions when you download it.

Cover for JADE'S GARDEN, profile of a seal-point cat in a lush yard with yellow flowersJade’s Garden: Pay-what-you-want at Gumroad

Second: I compiled all those simplified hymns I adapted into one printable PDF book called Sacred Hymns for Five-Finger Piano: an Easy Piano Collection for All Ages:

Cover for SACRED HYMNS FOR FIVE-FINGER PIANO, a lamb in a green fieldSacred Hymns for Five-Finger Piano: Pay-What-You-Want at Gumroad

Finally, just wanted to remind you I wrote an intermediate piano solo in the ambient spirit of Brian Eno and Harold Budd. This one’s $2.99.

A stony mountain seen through a warm glowing haze. Text reads: Mountain Bells, Intermediate Piano Solo, by Danielle Williams Mountain Bells: Buy at Gumroad

Hopefully I’ll get off my keister and post some more drawings–I scanned plenty earlier this year, just haven’t gotten around to watermarking them yet.

New 5 Finger LDS Hymns posted!


Taking a break from writing and (serious) art, but still feel like I oughta be productive. So today I PDF’d the rest of my “5 Finger LDS Hymns” and uploaded them. These piano sheet music pieces are for SUPER beginners. Enjoy!

(The rest are here on my music page.)