Sketch – Dragon queen and her hoard


A dragon sitting in her hoard room. A monkey climbs on her and her vampire son looks onQueen Lumina in her hoard. Freehanded background, originally meant to practice her groomer monkey (who is too big). I drew the characters first, BAD ME. Also I LOVE HER STUPID HEAD it’s just a quick gesture from a taxidermy pic I had on my caveman phone.
Hope to paint this one later.

New Ward, New Faces


Church life drawings, two portraitsNew faces from the new ward.

We weren’t much impressed by this ward when we previewed it in 2017–no one really said hi to us except for the lady in the lower-right-hand corner. She was the first to greet us in both 2017 and 2018!

(Now we’ve moved in and realized they know they’re awkward and are working on it.)

There’s more ethnic diversity in this ward, that’s exciting.