New 5 Finger LDS Hymns posted!


Taking a break from writing and (serious) art, but still feel like I oughta be productive. So today I PDF’d the rest of my “5 Finger LDS Hymns” and uploaded them. These piano sheet music pieces are for SUPER beginners. Enjoy!

(The rest are here on my music page.)

Free LDS Easy Piano Five-Finger Hymn Arrangements

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My sheet music page has new piano music added! Mormon piano teachers and beginning players, you’re gonna love this.

A grown student of mine, Sue, wanted dearly to play some of our church hymns, but we both found the Hymns Made Easy book to be above her level.

In response, I simplified them even further, transforming the melodies into 5-finger arrangements. This means there are zero to no hand position changes and almost no chords!

Though they’re nothing fancy, Sue really enjoyed being able to play the worship songs she loved!

These public-domain hymn arrangements are presented as-is; feel free to write in any fingering or letter name helps! These are FOR YOU!