Grey-Gold (Golden-eyed Penguin)


A golden-eyed penguin swims through an abstract sea of gold textureA very very very very very very very long overdue commission for Frank Villarreal, a wonderful artist, banjoist, and penguin enthusiast.

Before this commish, I didn’t even know this species of penguin existed! They are really rad. With their semi-intimidating gaze it was hard not to cartoon one as a hard-boiled detective.

I believe the digital watercolor brushes are by Mastodon.Art user PolloMostro??

Ah, Word! You and your quote smart unquote quotes!

Finally got smart and added in a new AutoCorrect rule in Microsoft Office 2010: replace —“ (which is what it loved to do to me, all the time) with —” (which will save me a lot of backspacing. In case you have this problem:

File>Proofing>Autocorrect Options (it’s a button near the top).

To make sure you’re getting left double quotes and right double quotes, use the Character Map to insert those marks in the appropriate fields.