Squeaky Service Dog at the VA


Last week we entered one of the VA hospital’s many waiting rooms alongside a delightfully shaggy service dog. While we were waiting for our number to be called, it began making this squeaky-hinge whine.

I figure the VA’s gotta be pretty bad if even a service dog finds it unbearable.

My husband urged me to give the sketch to the dog’s owner. I was terrified she would think I was making fun of her dog (because I am, by volume, made up of 80% anxiety). But after taking some photos so I could post it, I let him give it to her.

To my surprise, the dog’s owner came up to me afterwards and was totally delighted. She even said she was going to frame it!

Who knew?

Frenchie Illustration Test



frenchiestexturetest.jpgMy tablet pressure sensitivity died and I didn’t want to restart, hence big ugly lines. Test for my upcoming novella cover, just to see how layering colors and textures work in Krita.
Reference image: workout instructor Jessica Smith’s famous Frenchie, Peanut!
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