Sunset Spirit Cat Coloring Book Page


Another INKSPIRATION FOR CAT LOVERS coloring book page I colored. One of the few instances where scanning actually improved the image (the original is darker and muddier in the flowers). Art by Robyn Hennoch, whose coloring book can be bought here.

Didn’t expect to stipple the cat, but I think the effect is neat…Just wish I’d thought of it earlier while doing the gradient! D’oh!

Coloring Book Cats: Butterfly Morning


Lineart by Robyn Hennoch. From the coloring book “Inkspirations for Cat Lovers“.

Scanner valiantly tried to eat the colors on this, but Krita and I worked together and adjusted it pretty closely to match reality.

I went into this one without a plan. I’m kinda “meh” on some aspects of it (but I looove the golden sky)!