Church Art – Forgiveness Woman (and caricatured man)


Forgiveness woman and a caricatured man below“I realized…I don’t do forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift. We have the capacity to like everybody if we understand where they are coming from. Forgiveness is freeing. We learn until the day we die.”

“Do the homework then the prayer kicks in.”

(Quotes from a local meeting of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I attended)

Church Sketches – Moustache Man


Moustache Man Portrait Charge/Caricature

Finished scanning my grey sketchbook!! Posting pages out of order.
Comic artist Dirk Grundy reminded me in a recent post that caricature is an important skill, too! So instead of aiming for +++ accuracy (like the upper left image), I thought I’d try messing with proportions (like the lower left drawing!). OK, so it’s more like a “portrait charge” (French, look it up) than a hardcore caricature, but still!

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