Free Tiling Backgrounds for your site or whatever (Fancy CyberTiles)


These tiling background patterns are FREE. CC-0. Use ’em for whatever–website backgrounds, fabric patterns in a digital painting, SketchUp etc. (But if you want to show me a project you’ve used ’em in, let me know!). Right-click; save-as should work.

Small versions:

Large versions:

I love making symmetrical doodle patterns at church. Why I never thought to do them in color in Krita before (using the Mirror function) is beyond me!

Links, attribution appreciated but not required.


New horror story for Halloween! WHAT THE CAT BROUGHT BACK

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What the Cat Brought Back (Cover). A terrified cat looks on at something we can't see; grungy text appears over him. A red rip in the image contains the title.

“Magnum dropped something else off. Feels bad in your hands.”

Leaves. Dish sponges. Shoelaces.

Katheryn Crenshaw is used to her cat bringing her odd gifts.

Then he brings home an object that terrifies her.

It won’t be the last.

Novelette: 10,900 words. PG-13.

A disquieting tale starring two women. More disturbing than gory, with many of the scares happening in broad daylight…

And in a complete mood swing from the last release, we have What the Cat Brought Back. It’s a novelette (think: longer short story) perfect for Halloween reading.

Writing this, I was surprised by the tender friendship between the two women, Katheryn and Mallory. I mean, it’s still a horror story, but there’s some light in the bleakness.

You can…

And please remember, reviews are always welcome!