Steam Review: Escape Goat 1


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I played this demo a year or two ago online and grabbed it during the Steam Summer Sale. So glad I did! This takes me back to my childhood days of playing 2D platformers. No epic plot, no marathon-length levels, just nice platforming puzzles in bite-sized groups. 

The way there are multiple areas unlocked (and also the way new zones unlock upon completion of the old ones) helped me pace myself and prevented frustration on tougher levels. Eventually I got into a zone where my brain seemed to be completing the puzzles for me, which previously happened on BRAID. It’s a nice feeling of flow evoked by the right amount of challenge and appropriately responsive platforming mechanics. 

Well-done, Escape Goat!




The demo alone made me have so many feels!!!  I was charmed, I was disturbed, I was dismayed…and this was only a demo.  Add in a VERY unique combat system, quirky characters, and you’ll find it puts  99% of mass-produced AAA games to shame!

Algebraic Breakdown: the weirdness of Space Funeral MINUS blood PLUS the playstyle of Off PLUS the charm of your favorite Pixar characters PLUS the heart of a Miyazaki film SQUARED! 

I will tell you nothing else about it or else you will be spoiled.  Definitely read the “readme.htm” file included with the demo!!