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Last week, I redid the cover and formatting for my noir romance novelette, Out Where the Sun Always Shines. See the before and after below the cut!

Before #1:

"Out Where the Sun Always Shines" (cover)

The first edition. Did this back in 2011 from a photo I took at the Belvedere Museum gardens in Vienna. Nice image and effects, but looking at it now, doesn’t really say BOOK.

Before #2:

Out Where the Sun Always Shines Short Story 2016 Cover

I redid the cover in 2016 after following tips from this Dreamwidth post. I like the colors on this one better than the first, and I feel like I improved on the typography. The subtitle wasn’t a bad idea, either.

But after working with some pro designers on Steel City, Veiled Kingdom‘s cover, as well as browsing bajillions of premade covers, I decided I needed to start fresh. Here’s what I came up with:


Besides looking more professional, I think it better hints at its semi-literary love story and captures the “glowy” mood at the end (to quote Emily New, who reviewed it upon its original release). What do you think? Do you have any favorite cover makeovers? Share ’em in the comments below!

You can read a sample of my story on Don’t like the ‘zon? It’s also available at your favorite online bookstore.


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