Resolutions, 2017

everyday, Writing

I have two resolutions this year:

  1. Write at least 250 words a day.
  2. Learn to bake homemade bread.

I’ve attempted to bake bread two or three times before. Tends to come out…uh, let’s say dense. But now that my KitchenAid is here (in hot rod red, of course), I gotta try out that dough hook! Mom’s going to help me.

Having just finished writing an 400,000-word book (took 15 years) and two short stories (in 2 months), I know I can write! However, I’m interested in seeing if using Spreadsheet Voodoo to measure my words per day can increase my consistency (and maybe my output).

I kept the daily wordcount low to set myself up for success. Since I’ve started using my spreadsheets (Tuesday) I’ve written about 1K on My Frenchie Valentine (working title), and 2K on The Horror of Hriana (working title). So far, so good!

Any resolutions you wanna share?

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